COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Safe modified our Business

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How is COVID-19 and the events surrounding this affecting the housing business as it pertains to the people doing the business?

As far as the business goes, the shelter in place stopped us for about a week. The State did not put us on the list of "Essential Providers". But our Realtor Association was constantly in Olympia making our voices heard and convinced the legislature that housing is absolutely essential. They started defining which of the professionals working in housing are essential. Our escrow and mortgage partners were the firsts because if you are in contract to purchase, you would have to finish out the contract and close the sale transaction. Because most people has to finance their purchase, it was thought of immediately that the mortgage process has to go on. It was decided that the appraisers are essential as they are an integral part of the financing process. Initially, the agents were not allowed to do business outside of our homes. But then, who's going to take the keys out of the key box to give the keys to the new homeowners? Then everything started to fall back in place. 

I believe this is a learning process for everyone. I've learned that a lot people do not really know exactly know what we do as real estate agents. Although we do have the access to entering homes for sale, there are a lot of other things we do in our business that are behind the scenes, just as there are a lot of things other professionals do that are behind the scenes. What's really nice is to have an advocate for you when you have a major world event going on that means death to a lot and death to businesses as well which has a trickle effect on global economy. 

If you have any other issues you'd like me to address, send me a message.