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Energy Saving Tips for the Summer

When summer is here, we are a little less careful about shutting our doors or windows. Will that make our homes less energy efficient? What are some of the simple changes we can make to boost our home's value?

To make your home more energy efficient, follow these suggestions:

1. Lower the thermostat on your water heater.

2. Check for air leaking around doors.

3. Close the air vents in rooms not in use.

4. Keep heat producers far from your thermostat in summer.

5. Clean your furnace and air conditioner filters.

6. Operate large appliances during low-use periods in summer.

7. Request an energy audit.

8. Replace deficient insulation and inefficient appliances.

9. Buy fluorescent light bulbs.

10. Look into EEM Mortgages (for benefits when purchasing a home that is energy efficient or can be made efficient by incorporating energy-saving improvements; for more info, contact the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development).